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Clayton Ellis
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With 36 years of experience, Clayton’s commitment to his students’ in physical education and health is evident in all of his work. He began his career in Houston, TX at the elementary level and has taught at all levels since. Clayton has been with the Aurora Public Schools (Aurora, CO) for the past 19 years where he has been teaching health and physical education at both the middle school and high school levels. Clayton has extensive experience coaching football, basketball, baseball, volleyball and swimming. 

At the SHAPE America convention in Tampa Florida, Clayton was elected as a SHAPE America Board of Director. Clayton is a Past-President of SHAPE Colorado (formerly COAHPERD) and SHAPE America - Central District Past-President. He has served as the SHAPE America Nominations Committee Chair, and is also the Past - President of the Colorado Governor’s Council for Active and Healthy Lifestyles. Clayton has participated with the Physical Best Specialist Program (4th Edition Editor), on the PE Metrics Task Force, and the President’s Youth Fitness Program Professional Development Task Force and is a Champion Trainer. Clayton is also a Let's Move Active Schools Physical Activity Leader Trainer. Clayton is one of six individuals that have participated in all of SHAPE America’s Speak Out Advocacy days in Washington, DC.

Clayton has been recognized for his efforts by multiple organizations. Such honors include; 2009 COAHPERD HS Physical Education Teacher of the year, 2010 Central District and National High School Physical Education Teacher of the Year, 2010 Aurora Sentinel Newspaper - Best Teacher Award, 2013 AAHPERD (currently SHAPE America) Honor Award, 2014 SHAPE Colorado Honor Award, 2014 and 2015 SHAPE Colorado Presidential Citation Award, and the 2015 SHAPE America - Central District Honor Award.